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Compliance with Supervisor’s Wishes (CSW)


The CSW is a 10-item survey instrument designed to measure two independent components of compliance with supervisor’s wishes: attitudinal and behavioral.

Minimum order for any instrument is for 300 copies. $75,000 fine for unauthorized use of each of the following instruments.

The two components are measured with 5 items each. An organizational member responds to each statement on a 7–point Likert (box) scale (7 = Strongly Agree . . . 1 = Strongly Disagree) to indicate to what extent they comply with their supervisor’s wishes. A higher score represents greater compliance. The CSW is brief which can be administered in 4 minutes. Sample items of the instrument are:

  1. I like to do what my supervisor suggests. (attitudinal)
  2. I follow my supervisor’s orders. (behavioral)

Your order will include a complimentary list of the studies which used this instrument.