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Rahim Leader Power Inventory (RLPI) – Observer Rating


The RLPI (Observer Rating) is a 34-item survey instrument designed to measure six independent components of the French-Raven bases of supervisors’ power:  coercive, reward, legitimate, information, expert, and referent.

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The six power bases of supervisors are measured with 5, 6, 6, 5, 6, and 6 statements, respectively. An organizational member responds to each statement on a 5–point Likert scale (5 = Strongly Agree . . . 1 = Strongly Disagree) to indicate their supervisor’s power bases. A higher score represents greater power base of a supervisor. The RLPI is brief which can be administered in 10 minutes. Sample items of the instrument are:

  1. My supervisor can take disciplinary action against me for insubordination. (coercive)
  2. My supervisor can recommend me for a merit recognition if my performance is especially good. (reward)
  3. It is reasonable for my supervisor to decide what he (she) wants me to do. (legitimate)
  4. My supervisor does not know where to get the information I need to improve my performance. (information)
  5. I approach my supervisor for advice on work-related problems because she (he) is usually right. (expert)
  6. My supervisor has a pleasing personality. (referent)

Your order will include a complimentary bibliography of the studies which used this instrument.