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Rahim Organizational Conflict Inventory–I (ROCI–I)


The ROCI–I is a 21-item survey instrument designed to measure three independent dimensions of organizational conflict: intrapersonal, intragroup, and intergroup.

Minimum order for any instrument is for 300 copies. $75,000 fine for unauthorized use of each of the following instruments.

The ROCI–I measures the three types of conflict with 7, 8, and 6 statements, respectively. An organizational member responds to each statement on a 5–point Likert scale (5 = Strongly Agree . . . 1 = Strongly Disagree). A subscale is created by averaging responses to its items and a higher score represents greater intensity of one type of conflict. The ROCI–I can be administered in just 6 minutes. Sample items of the instrument are:

  1. I like the tasks I perform relative to the other tasks that are performed in my organization. (intrapersonal)
  2. There is harmony within my group. (intragroup)
  3. There is agreement between my group and the other group. (intergroup)

For detailed description of the instrument and its psychometric properties, please consult the ROCI Manual. Your order will include a complimentary bibliography of the studies which used this instrument.